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Warlock decadent refresh operation time to explain

For the present, many people know the truth Corruption referred to in the last 1,2 seconds in advance disappear BUG, actually this is not a BUG, but the refresh mechanism of corrosion caused by the "illusion."
  To explain this question, we must declare another question:
  When you are suffering through the endless talent to refresh Corruption, only to reset the wow power leveling duration of Corruption, but not reset the time of its damage attack that will not cause harm to postpone its production.
  Suppose you had a corrosion casting technique, and the operation of your Soul Eater / Shadow Bolt / draw the soul and only the first 14 seconds to refresh it, then the duration of Corruption has been reset to 18 seconds,sell World Of Warcraft Gold will continue to be the first total After the end of 32 seconds. However, due to delay mechanism to avoid harm to the existence of the "New Corruption" will not hurt the first jump was generated in 3 seconds, because "the previous Corruption" of the last dive injury has been reset in its first 2 second generation, then the "New Corruption" injury in fact the first jump in the first 1 second on the production, of the total 15 seconds, and then generate a damage every 3 seconds. Corruption is no longer to be refreshed as the second corrosion procedure will produce six times after injury, or 1 + 3 * 5 = 16 seconds, 30 seconds of total termination, but the reset time display of the relationship, there appears 2 seconds of Corruption BUG like so lost.

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