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Tailoring Self Benefits

  I can see Blizzard's reason for making tailoring the way it is, but I'm a bit disappointed. It's no longer a must have like it was in the Burning Crusade where I had tailoring on every cloth wearer I rolled. I dropped it on my mage, and will keep it on my alt so I can make bags. The flying carpet looked cool, though, but wasn't enough to justify keeping the profession when something else might be potentially more useful.
  Now I just need to decide on a second profession. I'm toying with alchemy, inscription and jewel crafting. All of which have plenty of self-benefits. Not sure if JC has as many, but I've always wished I could cut my sell FFXI Gil own gems instead of having to track someone down every time I got a new item. That's the same reason I ended up taking enchanting.
The self benefit of tailoring is that it's stand-alone. Not that that's really a benefit, but it's still the reason why it gets a weak self-buff.

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