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The Rogue

  In Final Fantasy XI, The Rogue is a pure DPS class with a few tricks necessary in group situations. The potential DPS output of a well played Rogue is always wanted in groups, and the ability to crowd control and pick locks only sweeten the pot.
   If built and played Rogue correctly, there is nothing short of a DPS machine for Rogues in Final Fantasy XI.
Regarding to the Assassination talent tree for Rogues, concentrates on increasing burst DPS. It boasts talents to increase critical strike rating, gain extra combat points, and increase the utility of poisons. Rogues who wish to do a lot of damage very quickly will find this tree quite useful. Highlights sell Final Fantasy XI Gil of the Rogue Assassination tree include Malice which increases critical strike rating by 5% with 5 points and Lethality which increases by 30% combo move critical strike damage with 5 points.

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