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Final Fantasy XI Techniques and Etiquette

  In MMORPG, part of the fun is the fact that you can play as a member of a group. However, just like you would offline, you have to observe certain rules and standards of etiquette to enjoy your play experience and get invited back to future group sessions. There are several rules to follow.
  First of all, you don't be greedy when it comes to looting items. You may not necessarily need that +1 sword of whatever, but if sell Final Fantasy XI Gil you feel compelled to take it anyway, leave it for someone who might be more in need than you are. This goes a long way. In this vein, you do not want to be what have called a Ninja Looter who takes everything from a corpse before it even hits the ground. Sometimes to give other people a chance to get what they want is necessary. In fact, you can have an option of the game itself or an agreement set verbally.

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