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Holy Priest versus Discipline Priest

  Be you a Holy Priest or Discipline Priest, there is some information for you to look over again. Here we mainly talk about Holy Priest versus Discipline Priest. If you are interest in this and want to know it well, you must take close notice.
   What stats are the most important for both Holy and Discipline Priest?
   As Holy Priest, you may have chosen to keep spirit at the top of priority when it comes to gear selection and augmentation; however, with that being said, you can value Intellect much more so than during Burning Crusade raiding. You can reserve yellow sockets for Brilliant Autmn's Glow, attempting to maintain some semblance of balance between spirit and intellect.
   But as Discipline Priest, Intellect is the most valuable stat, as it contributes to every aspect of healing. A bigger mana pool means bigger sell FFXI Gil returns from Rapture, Shadowfiend and Replenishment. It boosts crit for more throughputs and more Divine Aegis procs. Haste is what you look for second, but only until about 10%. After that you feel stacking it is hurting other stats.

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