Sartharion With 3 Drakes Is So Unpopular
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Sartharion With 3 Drakes Is So Unpopular

 We're enjoying thoroughly the heated debate that we are having various aspects of Final Fantasy XI raiding this does not mean that all of people hold the same opinion. To improve that understanding, we are asked for to explain why: It appears that the more skilled raiders consider boss fights with optional added difficulty as an unnecessary gimmick, or artificial obstacle, not a valid challenge.
   We killed Sartharion only with all drakes killed, so we don't have the experience of how it would be with 1, 2, or 3 drakes up. But obviously with drakes it is harder. And we checked the loot tables, and killing Sartharion with drakes sell Final Fantasy XI Gil up is well rewarded with additional and better epics. So we have optional higher challenge for higher rewards. Why isn't that more popular with people who are complaining about a lack of challenge in the current environment.

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