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Some introduction about camp in the Dofus

Our aim is to earn achat sell WOW Gold in the game, so I will give you some advice to get dofus kamas. At first, you need to do some preparations. You buy 10 small daggers with kamas. If your blacksmith can do it by yourself, you do not buy daggers.
  If not, you need buy in the iron weapons auction house. Then you can become Christian after handing in daggers to barracks. If you want to become servant of evil, you need finish the task with Mark in the camp at first.
  There is a murder in the hotel (-28, 40). Now you need to find the murder. You can find Burnt Nettie is not eyewitness after dialogue with him. Then you dialogue with Drunkard. You need buy some things with Acheter des Kamas.
  After that, he will give you the truth. Then you can go back to hand in tasks. Poona medicine: you need buy three Poona medicines with achat sell World Of Warcraft Gold to cure your comrade. Unless your alchemist can make the medicine by himself, you need buy it in the auction house.
  You need buy Teeth Extractor in the (-29, 32) with achat sell World Of Warcraft Gold at first after receiving sheep teeth task. Then you can go to kill sheep. You need notice the number of the killed sheep, when you kill sheep. You do not kill too little or too many, or you need afresh to do. Weapon boxes: you can get box of edged weapons in (-26, 35) after dialoguing with Seci Ves.
  The weight is 500. To buy beer: you need the helpful of some people to finish the task, because you only can buy beer in Bonta city (-32, -51). If you go there by yourself, you will be attacked by arms.

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