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The theory about earning money

There are so many poor people in Maple Story, and then what is earning Mesos? Look down upon the little money, but also get no more money, then you can only complain about it.
  If you can not be rich at one night, then you had better earn from the little money. Actually, earning Maple Story mesos is not too easy, and there is no people would like to get gold slowly which all wish be a rich fast. So in the early time, there is no poor in Maple Story, but now there are poor man everywhere.
  When I in Maple Story at that time, I once tried to exercise a small number, and began it from rainbow village. That time, I played as a new player that beat one monster then pick up Maple Mesos, never use medicine. When there was no blood, I would let it sit till it full by itself.
  While after the first transfer, I could not insist on, so I bought the maple story gold by using money. I ko9w I should save, but I was bored with doing the same movement. So just in a moment, one rich man came out and one thrifty poor man was forgotten.
  Beat one monster and pick up once money, try not to miss the things which can exchange money. This said is so easy, but there is no one can do this till the last, which not just because of can not insist on, but is lazy to spend much time for just scores of Maple Story Mesos which can not afford one bottle of red medicine. Then why we should spend these too much time.
  Nobody want to wait like this, they would rather cost some money on buying the maple story gold.

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