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Spanish Players in the LFG, and other Woes

Do not mistake this for racism, because it is not, it is a thought based upon my observations and experiences. Now I do not know if anyone else hates this as much as I do, but you que up into the LFG system and are ported into an instance and there is a ton of spanish text flying back and forth. I donnot play on a Spanish server, but somehow the LFG groups me with those that do. How am I supposed to communicate with group members that donnot speak English? Instances are fairly teamwork oriented, and not being able to talk to them makes it that much harder.   Not to mention that, as anyone who has had the misfortune of an ENTIRELY Spanish group can attest to, they usually cannot play the game. Most of the Ninjas that I have been grouped with, Spanish realms. The complete morons who do everything possible to make it hard to complete the instance, Spanish realms. I do not see why they do not get grouped with other Spanish realms and then they can talk in Spanish and all fail together. Also I think there should be a rating system where we can somehow impose a penalty upon players who are terrible, ninjas, or trolls. A voting ranking system of some sorts. Multiple people report you as a Ninja? no more need roll option. Multiple people report you as intentionally causing wipes? Longer CD on the LFG use. They are not all non English speaking, just most of them, maybe things work differently on their realm but the need or greed system is pretty simple to operate. Again, do not mistake this as a racist post, if they can do their job in a group and speak enough English to understand what we are doing as a group they are more than welcome, it is just that most of them do not and it makes for a bad experience.

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