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Seal online character classes

sell World Of Warcraft Gold in seal is like money in our daily life. A Players choice of class determines which spells their character will receive, as well as which weapons and armor the character can equip.
  Beginner: The basic character or the novice in sell WOW Gold. After reaching level 10, the beginner has the option of advancing to one of the six other classes the game has to offer.
  warrior: A powerful combat based class. Warriors use two-handed swords to deal massive damage to enemies. Similar to the knight, status points go straight to strength and agility.
  Magician: One who is devout to offensive magic? Typically have low defense but proportionally powerful magic attacks. Magician focus on intelligence and wisdom to raise their abilities is very useful.
  A versatile class specializing in both physical attacks and healing magic can make you succeed. They are loyal to sell FFXI Gil holy teachings and live a life of servitude to the gods of Shultz. Strength, intelligence, and wisdom give Priests their powers.
  Jester: They share common traits with thieves and rogues of other games, using the dagger as their main weapon, or throwing darts. Jesters use strength and a little of agility and intelligence.
  Craftsman: Craftsmen can create strong items and refine them to dangerous levels of power.

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