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A Solution to long DPS queues

We all know the queues for DPS types suck. They can range from 12 minutes to 30 minutes depending on time of day and battlegroup.
 I have developed a new and interesting way to help pass the time while waiting for the queue to pop.
  First Step: Queue
  The Queue will never pop if you never queue. Queuing is serious business.
  Second Step: Music
  Throw on some music. Whatever you like, as long as its something you can dance to. The music is not necessarily serious business, but can be if you prefer it that way.
  Third Step: Dance
  Dance to the music you have selected. If you are smart, you will have more then one song. Dance like it is serious business. Dance like you do not care. Dance till your heart is pounding and sweat begins to flow.
  Are you dancing yet? You are not dancing hard enough! Harder I say! Dance damnit! Dance!
  The dancing is the most important step here.
  First off, you are getting some exercise. I have seen the queues at midnight launches and hell knows you probably need it.
  Second, it is fun. If dancing to music you like is not fun, you are probably an accountant or work in a tax office. Alternatively, you have worked long enough in an office cubicle to be robbed entirely of a soul.
  Third, with this regimen of dancing in the queue, you not only improve your health, you will also get dancing skillups, of which you are still quite likely stuck at the Journeyman level. By dancing during the queue, you will be able to grind this skill in real life without it feeling like its a grind.
  Which brings us to the fourth and most important point. The next time you are at a party, you will be able to bust-a-move with the best of them and not begin wheezing at the first signs of exertion. The opposite gender may be attracted to you for your fine motor skills and ability to synchronise them with the rhythm. Do not panic. This is natural. Go with the flow.
  You will barely notice the time flying... hell, you may even get annoyed at the queue for popping in the middle of a great song.
  So dance, people, dance the queue away!

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