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MMORPG based on cartoon style by Ynk

MMORPG based on cartoon style by Ynk
  sell FFXI Gil is a massive multi-player online role-playing experience set in an Anime-Fantasy universe enabling players to interact with each other from all over the world. Forge friendships and bonds as you develop skills, adventure in epic battles and compete with enemies for justice.
  3D game world: Visit the world of the cartoon seal Online that was full of the color. Increased with the character and the background 3D that was cute. Your playing experience becomes not forgotten. Thousand Quest time Travel. In your adventure, in the Shitz world, you will find the different things that you have never seen. You will be given by various mission sorts to maintain world peacefulness, where occasionally you must cross the past and the future and buy sell Final Fantasy XI Gil.
  Chatting and Community: Game online will not be complete to be not supported with system chatting and the good community. In seal online, we provided various facilities from chatting personal, chatting public, in fact to special topics like sports, the comic, anime, sell World Of Warcraft Gold, etc. Guaranteed the list of you friend will increase long.
  Combo Skill: Bored in game just use skill in mouse. In SEAL online player can use combo skill button A, S and D IN Keyboard. With controlled system kombi, the player can kill the monster that was stronger than him.

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