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Thinking is never outdated

 These just give a general over view into the different builds you can go into with a warrior. One of the most efficient leveling and PvP builds in game. Limit your sell World Of Warcraft Goldto the minimum requirements for the next lvl of weapon, and pour the rest of the points in int, ignoring dex completely.
  Be sure to max out PoW and, if you want, Bears vigor. The Int causes the Prayer of Warrior to really shine, so you do not miss defense as much as a build with lack of hero online gold should. However, PoW provides defense that is much better for PvE, and much less for PvP.
Generally, str is limited to about 150, because rare weapons are now easy to find at lvl 55. However, this does not always have to be the case. Extra health and a reasonable amount of CA, too, so push str up as much as you like.2nd Job Promotion: As a str, its advisable to choose the champion class, as the Weaken offense skill really comes in handy while PvPing.
It prevents str and dex builds from exploiting your defense too much. Musa, though, is also a good choice, because its debuff skill helps in gathering mobs, and its defense skill acts as a back up incase PoW fails.
Its disadvantage compared to the str build is largely the lower CA thanks to the lack of str, and the lack of hp. In this case, hero online money can be maxed out, but if you really wish to PvP, a lvl 12 Bears Vigor is almost a must.

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