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Make many more of that Foods Useful


I would like to see FFXI make the world go around when it comes to food, but I also want them to make many more of those foods useful and the ingredients obtainable in a decent manner.

A lot of the fish that is on the AH that I have seen do not have many uses except for the popular ones for quest and crafting of other jobs about sell Final Fantasy XI Gil. I do not have much of an estimate but I would believe 25% of the fish being caught are useful and that the rest of them are just fish to be caught. Sure! Sure! But that seems to be were all the concentration comes into, and other varieties like mithkabobs about Ffxi gill. Every other food is more of a circumstantial food.

As for the other fishes, they are damned. Not many uses or their uses are considered obsolete compared to alternatives. Some fish were frequently used at one time until the demand for them was tugged along by something like Sushi. Gold Carps, I just npc to make a decent profit while fishing up moats. Tri colored carp is only useful for skilling up. I can go on about this but you would think with all the abundance of fish you can make a food item for a majority of the fish caught about Ffxi gil.

Taking a break from FFXI because of my college schedule but yeah I would like to see new additions just like anybody else do, I just like to add that they have to have usefulness so that they are not thrown in the corner only to be forgotten.


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