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FFXI GIL- Mijin Gakure


The rate at which combat and magic skills increase during low and middle levels has been adjusted. The following Circle-type abilities have had their effects adjusted and will now grant enhanced resistance, defense, and attack against the specified monster family to party members within their area of effect about sell Final Fantasy XI Gil.

The effect of the ninja job ability Mijin Gakure has been adjusted. In light of this change, the latent effect granted by the ninja mythic weapon has also been changed. When dragoons with the job trait Empathy use the job ability Spirit Link, wyverns under the effect of sleep will be healed of that status even if no hit points are regained. Two new blue magic spells have been added. The characteristic of the following Notorious Monsters in which their strength changes over time after being claimed has been adjusted about FFXI GIL.

Several new pieces of equipment have been added.


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