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FFXI GIL-Campaign Arbiter


The following changes have been made to the Mog Tablet quest: The search range for mog tablets has been increased about sell Final Fantasy XI Gil. It is now possible to search for mog tablets while remaining mounted on a chocobo. Unions are optional regiments that players may participate in when engaging in Campaign battles about FFXI GIL. After fighting in a Campaign battle as a Union registrant, players will be eligible to cast lots for Union-specific spoils based upon their contributions to the war effort.

To register for a Union, players must speak to a Campaign Arbiter while in possession of Allied Tags, and choose their desired regiment from the list presented about FFXI GIL. Players are free to join any Union regardless of factors such as their nation of allegiance. Players may resign from their Union by speaking to a Campaign Arbiter about FFXI GIL, by leaving the area or logging out, or by performing any action that causes them to lose their Allied Tags, such as undergoing evaluation. To be eligible to lot for Union treasure, a players contributions to the battle must be evaluated at a certain level or higher.



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