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Frenzyheart and Oracle FAQs in WoW


In fact, you should have never turned in the quest sell World Of Warcraft Gold. You can kill the wrong mob, or kill both mobs, and it does not make any difference. You don't make any decision until you actually talk to the surviving guy. If you talk to the guy and turn in the quest, but do not pick up the next quest, then you are in trouble, at least for the rest of that day. The next day, you can always go back and pick up Hero Burden, and set your faction to your choice since it is a daily. If someone jumps into the fight and kills the wrong guy, then you should just back up, and wait for the original elite to spawn again. You will lose 5 minutes, but it is better than waiting a full day to undo your choice.

You cannot find anyone in Sholazar Basin to give you any new quests; you could find everywhere done all the quests. There is no quest from conversing. You can see nothing in this whole area to even start me off on the quest chain. The only thing you ever saw was a Frenzyheart NPC who was running around with a player who was giving a quest, but they can ran off before you could see who or what the quest was, and despite searching for this character again you have not seen him anywhere again!


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