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70-80 do it so fast in WoW


As a WoW player, sometimes you may need sell World Of Warcraft Gold, the price is low. If you believe us, we will try our best to make service for you. Here we would like to provide you some useful information about 70-80 do it so fast, hope it could help you.

In fact, you can gain 2 levels in a day if you wanted to, you just could use Questhelper. Then you can pick up a quest, and immediately move forward without reading the text, you can look at the map to see if questhelper actually has a valid source, in which case you could move on with the quest, if it isn't a valid source, then you could read only the last paragraph or the description of the quest. You could pick up all quests without reading them, you only read them if you must. You should do this because you want to finish each camp or quest-hub one at a time so i don't become confused. If it is the last part of a quest, you will turn it in. Then you can move on to the next camp.

At the same time, People who says gear doesn't matter while leveling is kidding themselves and being geared helps a lot. As a shammy, you could group for instances as a healer with dual-spec and aside from nice exp by quests and stuff, coupled with 10% exp BOA gear, helped. It won't lie though; you should take full advantage of midnight summer exp buff as well.

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