Krosmaster Arena and Update 2.9 Available in DOFUS
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Krosmaster Arena and Update 2.9 Available in DOFUS

KROSMASTER Arena Online is Ankama's first expansion common to both DOFUS and WAKFU in which players can fight each other with Krosmaster figurines - effigies of heroes from the Krosmoz universe. KROSMASTER Arena can directly be launched from the MMOs, without leaving the games, and brings together all Ankama’s expertise in the domain of tactical turn-based strategy in a simple but fast game, with infinite possibilities. All players will start with a team of four standard Krosmasters that they will later be able to evolve using the virtual figurines unlocked in DOFUS and WAKFU (drop, exchanges). Ladder competitions will be organized on a regular basis and will oppose players, communities, and then DOFUS and WAKFU players. Discover more about Krosmaster Arena in the MMO here.
To give a clear and smooth introduction of this brand new game, Ankama released a tutorial available here.

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