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MapleStory Introduces New Character: Luminous

Nexon America has released the second part of MapleStory's Tempest update, which introduces a new playable character, Luminous.
Players looking for a powerful character will enjoy Luminous and both his Light and Dark powers. As he garners more strength through practice, his skills become more impressive and he is able to better control the darkness within. New skills that are available to learn and use include Reflection, a skill where Luminous emits a powerful arrow of light that splits when it hits enemies to deal splash damage; Apocalypse, which opens the Abyssal Rift under enemies to flood them with void energy; and Death Scythe, where a scythe-toting reaper comes down to destroy enemies.
In addition to the new character, MapleStory is bringing back Happyville, MapleStory's Christmas-themed town.

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