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TERA Gets New Loot and Rookie Buffs

En Masse Entertainment brings more changes to tera online gold in December. The latest patch for the action MMOG goes live today and adds a number of cheap tera gold new items to BAMs in several districts. Semi-Enigmatic Scrolls are also available to change the bonus option of tera money items that can be equipped such as rings, earrings, and unenchantable weapons and armor.

The update also adds some additional incentives for rookies to group up for dungeons by providing three new rookie buffs: Rookie’s Crystalbind, Rookie’s Oversight, and Rookie’s Fervor, which provide benefits such as a one-time protection against crystals breaking on death, a resurrection at the location of death, and a boost to attack power.

Additionally, players can expect to see a little festive spirit make its way into TERA today as the first part of the holiday festivities begin to appear.

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