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Is FFXI a better second life?

 is not a game. The FFXI is for real. There are Real people, real activities, and a real cash economy in

a massive online universe. 
  It depends on what you like. With a retention rate of 16% for Secod Life amongst US users, it is clear that many do not enjoy what

Second Life has to offer, despite the hype. One criticism I hear regularly about Second Life is that it is aimless; it is not a game

so there is nothing really to do other than enjoy virtual sex and play Tringo.
  Now before I am shouted down by a legion of Second Life groupies, I do see Second Life appeal as a creative and social space, but

not everyone wants to get online and build virtual strip clubs or interrupt interviews with flying penises. 
  FFXI offers the best of both Second Life and FFXI style virtual worlds. The creativity and capitalism of

Second Life can be experienced along with solid game play and decent graphics.
  If they can fix the issues with downloading the client (hint: bittorrent) and you do not mind downloading a 1gb file it is

definitely worth a look. If it builds members so the social aspect becomes stronger, we could well be looking at a better Second

Life, and already on that will appeal to a much broader audience.
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