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How to make money from Project Entropia?


, you should walk into the production road. What is the production road? That is from collecting materials

and making goods to trade. If you want to make WoW Gold, you must invest at least 3000 PED in making process, and you

may make Entropia Universe Money.
  Step 1: learn to control
  When you enter into the game, at first you should learn that how to control your characters movement and a kind of hotkey settings,

as well as the NPC, shops, TP(Telepoint), TT(Trade Termal) and try to say hello to the around people.
  Step 2: what is sweat?
  Sweat is a bio-energy in the game. You will need to use it in spite of you making goods, weapons or armor. So you can try to

collect sweat and sell it to players. There is no money to sell the store.
  Step 3: know building
  Open your map (hotkey M). There are 32 IP in this world. The first time you have to run forward, and when you arrive, you can use

TP to send to every town.
  Step 4: basic terminology
  In the game, you will hear somebody shouting that buy xxx TT +0.5 or Buy Animal Hide 110% and so on. Perhaps you do not know what

is TT +0.5 and 110%. In this world, every item you can right-click and you will see the status write Value: xx.xx. This is

representative the price in TT.
  Step 5: Auctions?
  Auctions are a special transactions channel. It is a bit like auction channels on EBAY.
  Step6: Hunting rules
  Hunting is the one model in every online game. There are many kinds of monsters, such as a biological category, humans, robots,

mutants, etc. You must have weapons before hunting. Keep in mind that you can not hunt with empty-handed.
  There are my guides; I hope I can help you.

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