The experience of offensive and defensive the city
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The experience of offensive and defensive the city

, I have played a year. So I will talk about the experience of offensive and defensive the city. You can refer to it,

if I make some mistakes, please point it out.
  Many of the paradise players think that the degree of difficulty is demon fort-> Kent= Wind Wood -> rocks [easy-> hard], and they

all think the demon fort which has a one door and no warehouse is the most likely shot down. So the idea young spend the water and

equipment on the impossible task. But I think that arrange is Wind Wood-> Kent-> demon fort-> rocks.
  Why I think the Wind Wood is shot down more easily than demon fort. The demon fort has a door. But it is difficult to the throne

king account war. As long as the defensive of the city stay the entrance of the king curtain, and the condition of the war success is

to rob the kingship. However the entrance of the king curtain is very narrow, and it is only a player can through.
  The strategy and omission of the offensive that will go to a city is very few. Usually, after many of known kings talking the

interests, they will attack the city together. But the so many people lead to the failure.
  I have summarized the strategy of the defensive and the shortcoming of the offensive. And the next time I will talk about the win

or lose nice war.
  By a way, one of my friends laughed at my stupid, because his knight can make Entropia Universe Gold every day. He asked me that

there was a little of Entropia Universe Money in the castle, and why I stayed there. I can only answer is the ellipsis.

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