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Hunter Pet Choosing in WoW


Your primary CC skill, Freezing Trap, can have a great influence on battles. It affects any type of mob that is not immune to CC, and lasts 20 seconds. This trap must be placed while you are out of combat, but you can use Feign Death to get out of combat during a fight to drop another Freezing Trap, and then use a skill such as Distracting Shot to pull a mob into it. Since patch 1.6, hunter traps can be resisted; you can own a backup plan in case your trap fails.

Hunters can offer themselves excellent awareness of their surroundings. Here you can sell World Of Warcraft Gold. Using your Tracking abilities, you can monitor patrols pathing, determine the size of groups of enemies, or look for rare spawns and other named NPCs. Using Eagle Eyes, you can send your view ahead to find a good path to your objective or detect things that can not be seen with tracking abilities. Using Beast Eyes, you can send your pet ahead to detect for you. Even if your pet aggros mobs, those mobs will not attack you when your pet is killed or desummoned without bringing the mobs back to you. This offers you a zero-risk scouting unit that can go places you dare not. Lastly, using Flare and Track Hidden, you can detect invisible or stealthed enemies before they ambush your group. If stealthed enemies are nearby, flare ahead of you before moving on! Just short ending, thanks for your attention and have a good hunting.

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