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In the Final Fantasy XI, the Puppetmaster is a versatile and powerful job released in the Treasures of Aht Urghan expansion. Unlocked by the quest No Strings Attached, a Puppetmaster fights by using automatons under your direct control, and these automatons can take several different forms.

sell Final Fantasy XI Gil is important in the game and also the Puppetmaster is a very complicated job, and the process of understanding the behavior of magic automatons can be a lengthy read. Certain spells are only cast under certain HP or MP conditions under specific Maneuvers, which are job abilities based on every element, and incur special stat and ability boosts on your automaton, and encourages your mechanical friend to use certain spells and weapon skills. Not only this, but certain frame and head combinations from different sets can make the automaton act is quirky ways. For instance, a Stormwaker body with a Valoredge head will do nothing by melee attack and cast healing magic.

Of course, there are some downsides to this job, mainly the fact that due to the heavy emphasis placed on the automaton instead of the master; you yourself will not necessarily do that much damage on your own. In fact, without you are automaton you are practically a weak version of the Monk job, which also uses hand to hand weapons. Since the Puppetmaster is not really a heavy powered role, SquareEnix has assigned only cloth armor to Puppetmasters, providing some challenges in seeking out and obtaining decent equipment. Unfortunately, some PUPs are forced to wear mage equipment because of no low-cost alternatives.

Which leads to another difficulty, this job can get expensive. Most attachments that you will want buy from the vender, Yoyroon, in Nashmau at could end up costing you around 100,000 gil just starting out, and this does not even include the far greater number of attachments you'll be forced to buy from the Auction House.

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