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A summary of choosing right Pet in WoW


Firstly, Wing Clip and Concussive Shot offer you a great means of slowing down fleeing mobs. The cheapest World of Warcraft gold is offered in our website. If you know a mob will run at low health, run up and Wing Clip it before it does. If a mob starts fleeing before you can do this, just use Concussive shot. It could only last a few seconds, but that buys others time to catch up to it. Beast masters can use Intimidation to hit the mob strongly for a several seconds, and Marksmen can use Scatter Shot to do the same.

Secondly, when your group must fight numerous enemies, you should use Volley Explosive Trap and immediately damage them. By the way, you can enjoy sell World Of Warcraft Gold here. A Warlock or Mage will normally do the majority of the area of effect damage in a group, but that doesn't mean your help will not be appreciated. Stay out of combat until the caster starts to AoE, then drop an explosive trap right in the middle of the group of mobs you are fighting. Afterward, back off and use Volley on them. Sometimes your Mage might prefer that you drop a Frost Trap to slow the mobs down, therefore he can AoE kite them. If you have the Survival talent Entrapment, this can be a very effective tactic. That is all, thank you for reading see you next time.

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