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How to do well in FFXI


Sell your goods at the Auction House and make a profit. The downfall with selling goods though is that it takes time for people to spend sell FFXI Gil buying your goods. You sell your goods based on the price history of that item and if you stay within the price stated in the history it should sell quickly. The price history of item can be found by trying to purchase the same item you are trying to sell. If an item sell for cheap FFXI Gil in the price history and you stated higher later, it's hard to sell. When you go to purchase or bid you would select that item and then select its price history and then jot it down. Then you would go back and sell your item for the price that you wrote down and it will eventually sell. Of course, another quality is the ability to buy various equipment, usually are not sold in most stores. If you need a certain sword or armor, your best bet is to search the Auction House.

Instead of making FFXI Gil in the game by yourself, you can also buy FFXI Gil from other players or vendors. So you can easily purchase weapons or Armor to save time for other interesting adventures in the game.

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