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FFXI Gil Got From the Auction Houses


FFXI Gil is the main currency in the world of Vana'diel. Adventurers need sell FFXI Gil to update weapons and Armor, to purchase items, cover the cost of transportation, and other normal expenses. There are two ways to sell your goods to other players: The Auction Houses, a staple of the economy in Vana'diel, and the Bazaar system.

At the Auction houses, players submit for sale and set the price they wish to receive for the item. The first player to bid at or over that price wins the item.

Auction Houses are usually located in somewhere on each map of a major city. Most commonly they are placed in the middle of a Market. You will know you are at an Auction House when you see wooden counters and all the people standing around these counters. Sometimes you can also find Auction Houses without counters. In some cities, for example, at Jeuno, there are NPCs who you can talk to that will initiate an Auction House. A good way to tell if a NPC is being used as an Auction House is by checking the number of people around it. Usually large crowds don't all talk to NPCs unless it's an Auction House or an important mission or quest.

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