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How to Level Up In FFXI


FFXI is from Japanese MMOGPG (massively multiplayer online role-play game). It is famous for its beautiful and wonderful screen pictures, exciting story and huge exploration world. Many players are attracted by Final Fantasy XI and are keen to reach high leveling. Here I mainly introduce four kinds of ways to tell you how to level up in FFXI.

Characters gain experience by defeating monsters. After acquiring a certain amount of experience points, a character’s level rises. Characters become stronger every time this happens. Additionally, the number of areas to explore and enjoy (and powerful monsters to defeat!) increases rapidly when your character levels up. Defeating monsters is usual ways to gather experience and FFXI Gil. Provided players take much time, you will gain much rewards, such as FFXI gold and sell FFXI Gil.

Weapon skills are special techniques which become available after a character has gained enough skill in the use of a particular weapon. Weapon skills vary depending on the weapon. Additionally, certain special weapon skills are only available to characters with specific jobs. Skills are important part in FFXI. Some skills can help players to better get FFXI money.

"TP" stands for Tactical Points. You accumulate them after every successful attack on an opponent or every time an opponent successfully attacks you. Tactical Points can build up to between 100% and 300% and are used to perform a weapon skill.

Equitable items can have requirements for usage that depend on a character’s level, job or race. As a new comer, please remember that prepare good equipments and good items that is the key for successful.

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