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Develop your own characters


Another aspect that appeals to many game players is the facts that sell FFXI Gil allows you to develop your own unique characters. You can mold the look of the character to your own liking, this way creating your own alter ego for game play. For many people this is a way to get away from regular life and create a character in the game that resembles them but with features they would never have in the "normal" world. That is what makes Final Fantasy XI a game where people can dream away without hurting someone’s feeling.

Gaining of Rank

While going through a series of missions the player advances in rank, this is one of the other popular aspects of Final Fantasy XI. Now you may think, why would this be important, but for a lot of online game players it is. It shows to other players of the game what they have achieved in the game and for them it is possibly a way to earn respect. Maybe respect they don't get in the real world. And if gaining in rank is a goal they have set for themselves then it is a goal well worth pursuing.

The above are just a few of the factors that make Final Fantasy XI become one of the most popular online games at the moment. There are many more factors and the best way to find out is to start playing the game yourself.

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