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Final Fantasy XI Gil Guide For New Players


Having enough sell FFXI Gil is the most essential aspects in this game. To be a good player you will need all the FFXI Gil you can get. No matter how high leveling you are Gil is indispensable with which to get your equipments, armors, weapons and other items. You can take the following guide to gain Gil.

Warp Quest

This method can get you about 10k FFXI Gil within an hour. You need to start with 1k to purchase slime oil. After you've purchased the slime oil, bring it to an NPC named Unlucky Rat in the Metal district of Bastok in exchange for a warp scroll. Well slight problem with this method is that you will need to have enough fame built up before the NPC will take your slime oil. You will be required to run around town doing low level missions to get your fame up. This is where it gets a little time consuming but 10k Gil an hour for a lowbie is really good. You can also redo this quest by creating a mule account and transferring 1k FFXI Gil to that character. That is all and I hope you can like it!


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