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How to Upgrade Quickly

sell WOW Gold to upgrade quickly, which is wise behavior. White Knights are not often sought as party members due to their lack of party skills except Grimes and Duals. However, since they have tactics suited to avoiding damage and killing fast, they are gods of soloing anyway. Against an enemy which is not weak to any element, White Knights also dish out less damage than even a Crusader without Panic or Coma. This poses a difficult situation for very high leveled White Knights since the two fastest leveling spots in GMS are currently both neutral. Now I tell you how to quick level 10 to 70.
  From level 10 to 22 I recommend fighting slimes to level up and there is a map in Elena with a large number of slimes and the map is long and narrow for quick and easy kills. When your level is 23, at Mushroom Forest there are quite a bit of platforms where full of orange and green mushrooms, and if you are strong enough the blue mushrooms on the two platforms closest to the top of the map would be a good training choice too.
  From level 27 to 35 there are 3 maps which are the Ghost Stumps, Wooden Masks, and Rocky Masks in the Pelion Excavation site for you to train on. So it should not be too difficult to find a spot. Sakura C, JG and JL are large in numbers in these maps and there is a fast spawn for quick and easy EXP from level 36. At 45 Straw Practice Dummies from M Lung would be excellent and this is the one place where mobbing skills become extremely useful. There is a fast spawn here and there are lots of Straw target Dummies too.
  Gryphon would be a great training choice. Gryphon is large in numbers, spawn quickly and the map is big. The only bad thing is that there is a pit that you might fall into and if you do you will be sent back to the previous map. If you do follow my writing, you can be easy to upgrade level 70.

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