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Do you have some ways to get wow gold?

In order to finish all tasks, you need have enough sell WOW Gold. Now, do you have some good ways to get it? I will give you some methods to gain cheap wow gold.
  To steal some copy material, you need stealth. You can go the copies, such as black stone abysm, last black stone layer and Scarlet Monastery.
  There are three things in the black stone abysm, black iron mine, + 20 defend fire abysm and magic chip. The use of the black iron mine is to make all kinds of materials, such as brotherhood fame, the soldiers of the black iron materials and engineering flames reflector. You can use those materials to finish some task. Because the map of + 22 brotherhood intellective is not famous, the price of black iron is not high, so you are hard to steal some black iron mine.
  If you can get holy book form above 50 levels monsters, you can go to exchange a set of secret drug with NCP in the fire plain. Of course, you also need two kinds of things, ring hiking crystal and the abyss of fire resistant prop. You can give the secret drug to others. You can go to black stone lower to steal, including potent anti-agents drawings and black keys on the door components.
  The price of Powerful anti-drawing fire is more than 200 G world of warcraft gold. So many players want to gain this drawing. The production of medicine sales is also high. There is only a kind of monster to lose drawing in the black stone lower.
  There is only a kind of place to get in all of copies. The black door key needs three precious stones and + 1 seal promotion. The prowl team can be easy to fight three BOSSES to get precious stones.

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