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Some experience about earning Mesos

 You need to earn Maple Story Mesos to buy better equipment. I think it is a fun game. Now I will talk about some experience about gaining Maple Mesos in the game. You can go to fight the black dragon to get Mesos.
The necessary conditions: you should be above 120 levels and have good equipment. You need to buy pet which can add blood and blue. You need to add your blood right now with the add blood and blue function. You can automatically get precious skill book, good equipment and black dragon necklace with automatic pick-up function. You need take enough medicine water.
  The last, it is very important with enough patience to play Maple Mesos. To make team is very important, too. When you play the team, you had better not leave during those several hours, or when you come back, you maybe see a grave monument.
  Free market: you can buy, sell or make friends in the market. You can do many things. To get books: you can become stronger with the books function in the game. After that, you can be killed easily and add higher property. The curse is better than general books, but it can be lose 50% equipment. You can choose one according to your situation.
  The equipment of knights: you are 20 levels. The next, you need to transfer where knight transfer .There is many kinds of team tasks. You can gain Maple Mesos with everybody strength. I remember I was in the sky. I went to steal stone to gain Maple Mesos every day.
  Above all, that is my experience to play the game. I hope my ideas are helpful to players more and less. I wish you have a good time in the malpe mesos.

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