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How to Get Started With Final Fantasy XI


Final Fantasy XI is a Massively Multiplayer Online Game. Hundreds and thousands of players play these online. In factFinal Fantasy XI can give you an opportunity to affect more than 250 thousand other players in one way or another. This is unique since all Final Fantasy XI players are hosted on same servers.

You can join Final Fantasy XI as a freshly graduated Capsuleer or The immortals. The highly advanced capsules are connected from the inside and are capable of cloning themselves in the case of physical destruction. You would start as a character in one of four races. You are not restricted by predefined character classes or professions. You can trade to make a living, conduct mining operations, and market your fighting skills as a mercenary, conduct espionage. You have the option to play alone, join a corporation with your friends or join alliances which are already established corporations.

Final Fantasy XI is a complex game of wits and courage, and you need spend a litter time coming to understand it. But there are in-game tutorials, online Wiki to help you learn the game. There are online discussion groups where players can get answers to their Final Fantasy XI gaming questions.

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