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Do you know Final Fantasy XI?


Final Fantasy XI will offer you an existing FFXI account for free, as long as you are an expert and you want to move to the higher levels directly. There are online resellers of FFXI accounts who are willing to sell you the Final Fantasy XI Character of your choice.

Before you get a FFXI account, you have to just pick your choice of character, game, class and level. The resellers buy these accounts from existing sell FFXI Gil account holders, which are mostly based out of Europe and US and are ready to hand over their accounts to you. This is because they themselves want to move to higher levels. There may be a few verifications for security reasons and confirmation of information before the sale gets completed. The buyer may make a phone call to further confirm some information about the FFXI account. If there is no ambiguity in the information provided the payment would be made immediately within 30 min

There is a broad range and levels of eve characters to choose from. You can open a brand new account, or a pre-played, transferable, pre-played and transferred, custom built eve characters. You can gift yourself amazing features and original power leveling 2.0 or secure-power leveling etc.

You can receive much more information on the FFXI accounts including CD keys, email addresses, secret words, and full names on the account, birthdates, and much more. You need to drop in a mail to website support to have more information.


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