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Combat leveling quickly in FFXI


Contrary to something like Diablo 2, there isn’t a cow level where you can get massive exp for doing nothing. Instead, this tutorial will focus on smoother battles, which in turn will yield quicker leveling. Do you want to find the point where you are getting the most exp, having the least down time, and killing the monster as quickly as possible in sell FFXI Gil?

Safety, above all should be the motto to FFXI power leveling. Until White Mages are level 25, they cannot revive fallen comrades. Therefore, if one of your party members dies, they have to spend time making up for lost exp, and spend time running back to where your party is after he re-spawns. If this were to happen, your party would be losing valuable leveling time. If your party cannot handle the monster you are currently fighting, do not hesitate to call for help. It is better to be safe than sorry. Spending time looking for a final party member means taking more time away from leveling. With that said if you are in a new and unknown area, always use the check option and check the monster relative strength to your level. Keep in mind that check is not Affected by whether you are in a party or not.

Setting goal of FFXI leveling .When you are in a full party, the monsters that you want to fight should scan as incredibly tough. However, there are situations where it is best to kill tough monsters, but kill more of it. The point of leveling is not to kill one super tough monster, and rest for 5 minutes before fighting another. You want to kill monsters that will give you relatively decent experience, but at the same time gives you the least down time. In other words, it is better to kill tough monsters nonstop, and not have to rest.

Minimizing down time. The best way to minimize down time is to have a well-balanced party. For example, if you have two White Mages in your party that knows when to rest for MP and when to heal, chances are, one of the White Mage will have full MP by the time a battle is over. Even though most players like to solo from level 1-6 since monsters that that level is relatively easy, I highly do not recommend players to solo after level 10. Between level 6 and level 10, it doesn’t hurt to have one or two members in your party. This way, you can minimize down time and still get decent exp.

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