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Final Fantasy XI: crowded in your pocket


Did you start final fantasy, all right? You have your Basic 30 slot machines and recognizing that more and more a little crowded in your pocket, what to do? sell Final Fantasy XI Gil is enough here you can get by any way. Well, at first, there is a little elf with headquarters in Lower Jeuno, which can help you on the way, if you choose to do quests, but it can be costly, as appropriate, quests you do the chain. As usual you need to reach a certain level of fame, for research in the first place, so few quests or Sandy Bastok here or there, and you must order.

In the first track, you can also search for Mog coward, who would use permanent Imperial benefit. The NPC is right in front of the Moghouse to Aht Urhgan Whitegate, and if you talk to him, you are able to exchange points for an upgrade of your size of the Mog coward, but you are limited as to time between quests. It might have to wait at least 5 days before you can accept that more research Fubruhn.

The possibility of increasing the amount of item you can keep in storage. Storage is for you moghouse in the precision of your nation. How it works is that you are capable of furniture in your moghouse and in conformity with the furniture you add, you receive a certain amount of disk space. Another thing that is handy on a few pieces of furniture, you also get Mog extensions that will, craft skills, gardening, exp loss in case of death, increasing the conquest of merit points, and a few others yet.

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