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Path of the Titans and Archaeology in WoW


Let us talk some Path of the Titans and Archaeology in WoW and you can buy wow gold here: The upcoming expansion, Cataclysm, will be incorporating greater levels of character customization than ever before. From guild talent trees, a different talent tree system, new races and race/class combinations, to a new profession that will be all about customization. Enter the Path of the Titans, and the new secondary profession, Archaeology.

Pass through the break for all the details, but be warned, spoilers lay ahead! As you may have already heard, much of Azeroth will be changing, and Blizzard will be making heavy use of phasing. In this new Azeroth, many things that you know now may end up in ruins. This is where Archaeology reaches. A new secondary profession, you will all be eligible to train and level sell World Of Warcraft Gold it, without it interfering with your other professions.

As an Archaeologist, you will be able to visit these ruins and research them. In doing so, you will formulate Archaeology Notes, which permits you to study and make new discoveries. This leads to the new character progression, Path of the Titans.

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