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About Final Fantasy XI leveling changes


A new method of obtaining the leveling is currently under consideration and will be implemented shortly. There are no plans on changing the drop rate of the leveling in question. However, our development team would like to grant players more opportunities to obtain it.

Due to the extreme popularity of sell Final Fantasy XI Gil arising as a result of a large number of players attempting to acquire the leveling change will do longer. For those of us whom own Final Fantasy XI, it has been a little while since we sat down and played the game. This newest version update, however, is causing us to consider a return. Our biggest gripe with Final Fantasy XI was that while grouping was a lot of fun, it was also ridiculously hard to find one. So with that in mind, the three biggest pieces of this update are Level Sync, removal of level restrictions for gear and reduction of the experience curve. Level Sync allows a party leader to bring any higher-level players within the party down to their power level. It will essentially allow any low-level players to group with high levels, which is a big win for everyone, unless you really don't want to play lower-level content again -- even with your friends.

That's all about Final Fantasy XI leveling changes. We hope that this content is useful and beneficial for you to play this online game to gain more happiness and joy.

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