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Final Fantasy XI: Beginner Guide on Vanadiel


Do you take great interest in sell Final Fantasy XI Gil or gain improvements by leaps and bounds? If it is true, you should pay more attention to this content, in the name of beginner guide on Vanadiel. The details are as follows:

After you have unlocked your sub-jobs and leveled through the Valkurm Dunes in the jobs you wish to carry on with. This final installment will be focused on moving on to the different leveling areas, and should inform on the things one needs to do until they come up to level 30, and more advanced jobs will be there.

An area named Qufim Island which is located right off of Jeuno is the nest area most commonly used for partying after getting out of the Valkurm Dunes. Here the trick party is reaching Jeuno without dying repeatedly. In order to get to Jeuno, you will have to travel through one of three routes, depending on your starting country. If you're from San dOria, you will through the La Theine Plateau to the Northeast, and follow the road through Jugner Forest right into Batallia Downs. Once there, travel to the East, avoiding monsters all the while, and eventually you will come across the gates into Jeuno.

If you come from Windurst, it is important for you to look at one of the more rough routes. Through Sarutabaruta and North through Tahrongi Canyon you will reach the Meriphataud Mountains. Sticking to the left side of the road through the Meriphataud Mountains should keep you safe from most enemies, but the next area, Sauromugue Champaign, is notoriously difficult to navigate. You will have the displeasure of evading Goblins, Yagudo, and Dancing Weapons; you will have to avoid several dinosaur monsters and tigers as well. Taking it slow and sticking to the left most of the time, you should be able to reach Jeuno with some patience.


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