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Final Fantasy XI: A Look at the Puppetmaster


The first step to actually playing Puppetmaster is naturally unlocking it. After speaking Shamarhaan you'll need to head directly to Iruki-Waraki at in Aht Urghan Whitegate and then Ghatsad in Whitegate as well. This is where things get time consuming and sometimes tedious. From this point you will need to retrieve an Antique Automaton from the Arrapago Reef and sell Final Fantasy XI Gil, however, to get there, you'll need to dodge Imps which can see through invisible and hear through sneak. Take the ferry to Nashmau to get entry to Caedarva Mire.

Head Northeast for awhile and then Northwest, to reach the (I-6) entrance into Arrapago Reef. Assuming you reach this point by not attracting the attention of a by standing Imp, there is a group of Lamia and undead outside the cave entrance at (I-6). Assuming you get through unscathed, head towards the first boat at (I-10) and you should find an '???' where the Antique Automaton is located. After avoiding the Lamia on the boat and acquiring the Antique Automaton, return to Ghatsad. He will send you to Iruki-Waraki and follow the instructions from there to become a Puppetmaster!

There are several automaton frames and assorted automaton heads you can obtain as you progress. You start the job with a simple, unspectacular frame known as Harlequin, which is a fairly average enfeebler and will occasionally heal the master when you're hurt beyond a certain threshold. At level 10, you're able to unlock your first advanced frame, and you have three choices: Valoredge, Stormwaker, and Sharpshot. The Valoredge frame is the melee frame, which has extraordinary HP at higher levels, and as such can be a decent damage sponge. In terms of damage though, it's not comparable to Sharpshot. At lower levels, however, Valoredge is a magnificent tank when coupled with the Stoneskin attachment.

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