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Final Fantasy XI: Food Review


Food items in Final Fantasy XI boost the stats and abilities of characters, and are chosen to provide bonuses that make a job more powerful. Food effects can raise basic stats such as Vitality or Intelligence, increase Defense or Attack, help regenerate Hit Points or Magic Points, or provide many other bonuses. A character that uses food will tend to have an advantage over one that doesn't. Unlike most items in Final Fantasy XI, food can be used by a character of any level. Certain meals are the most effective at different jobs and levels, which will be explained by this guide. Juice items are a handy type of food that can give MP and HP regeneration over time, and are also detailed below.

If they can afford sell Final Fantasy XI Gil, most players use basic food as they level up solo the first levels of a job. It is considered useful for a character to utilize food that is most helpful to their job as they start to group by levels 10-15. From level 20 on, a character in experience parties should always have food appropriate for their job, to be as useful as possible to their party.

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