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Famitsu Exclusive in FFXI(part five)

  - So, at some points you will have to start over from scratch.
That's right. This is't limited to the alpha, but in the beta as well, once things are running smoothly, we plan to do this multiple times up until the game(ffxiv gold) release.
  - Will you move on to the beta phase once you have fully examined the growth rate?
Currently, the alpha test takes place on a single sell FFXI Gil World. The next step is to increase the number of Worlds, which will multiply the number of testers. That will be the start of what we call Beta-1, or perhaps Alpha-2.
  - The plans change according to the situation.
Depending on what feedback we collect and how far development advances towards a final product, we can call the current game a 'beta version'.
  - Currently, regions are seperated during testing, but is there a time planned when everyone will start playing together?
That will probably happen once the Worlds are running 24 hours a day. We're currently working towards that.
  - How are things in FFXI going development-wise ?
  The graphics are pretty much finished. Next, planners and programmers need to make some final adjustments, but it's tough to say exactly what percentage is complete. Even with the graphics complete, there are things that need tweaking. For example, the lighting throughout Limsa Lominsa is going to completely change.

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