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FFXI surprise

 Here are several reasons why we think it may happen and why you may really need a new pair of pants in FFXIV:
- Chrono Trigger being released 2 years ago with more story content added for it
- Last year being Chrono Cross' Japanese 10 year anniversary(this year is the western 10 year anniversary)
- Mitsuda is almost done with his arranged composition for sell Final Fantasy XI Gil Chrono Cross, which he anticipates will be released this year
- FFXI doesn't seem to be getting a whole lot of new story content(Abyssea doesn't seem to have much), thus, the team members from the Chrono team can get together again
- The Chrono Break trademark doesn't expire til sometime in 2012, we believe
Keep in mind that this is just speculation, so don't think too much of it. Hope something in the message above helped! If you want to get a higher level for your character in short time, or want to buy cheaper ffxiv gold for your character in the game. Our site is your best choice. Hope you enjoy yourself in this wonder game.

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