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Sand all Waludaha in FFXI


Small mainland Aerdina more south in FFXI world, there is a large area throughout the year to be desolate rocks and gravel are swallowed, in this vast endless desert areas located with a commercial city power, its name is called sand capital.

Waludahas surrounded by high walls surrounded the aim is to stop the invasion of dust from outside. In the walls inside, but also in tight rows arena and amusement park in many other entertainment facilities. In addition, in the heart of the city also has a semi-circular castle-style building, it is the same as the king of the city to ten feet tall, all other subjects of general building and then as general help around the castle, the first four weeks, and gradually spread out years.

The main sources of urban industries in addition to commercial and mining industries, there are prestigious textiles. In the city itself, although the orthodox rulers handed down by holding royal descent Waerdaha the family as the Queen. But the real power is firmly in a sand scorpion public in the hands of bureaucratic organizations, they are a total of six members, through the oligarchy in control of all of the sand of the main streets of each.

Meanwhile, city residents within a two-sided belief in the God of Wealth Nalusalu and treat it as the patron saint of the same abstracted up. Taking into account the dual God of Wealth face sex, people are more specifically two things in the city to install the various symbolic of a large chapel to the table respect in the game sell Final Fantasy XI Gil.


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