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WoW Level 60 Hunter Question


First of all, do not play, players can be friends and more social, and has 60 level sell World Of Warcraft Gold to sit a while. Download determined expansion and decided to buy it, because more and more tired of running friends, a small dungeon, to help them. Would like to do is to use before doing the dungeon, or with other players the ultimate attack hero.

Deputy Secretary suggest you bone marrow, bone marrow and level. Bone marrow even hunters, this is not to consult Wrath 5 hero, but I like my pets, willing to sacrifice a little on the DPS to do so. Continuous bone marrow will help a lot of hatred and control. If you are in the wrong direction, use the tank or your pet as the focus. You realize you only tentatively to 70. 60, you will do hell fire wall, until you are sick of it, and blood furnace 62, then the slave fence 63, then Underbog64, then magic tomb 65. If you want to pre-BC dungeon of these preparations, we join the film damping coupling, any pop-up 60. In any case, reading, and any / skills to advise thank you.

What kind of dungeon in WoW is a good run at 60? Role is to DPS, but found pets seized from a chimera, in particular, played a lot of hatred. So often use feign death and back, so he grabbed hate back, but sometimes this happens too often. 80 hunters who are mainly bone marrow razed to the ground, and now the two-specced. Not too aware of their role on the former 80.70's an incredible amount of debt or even 80 DPS who is incompetent. If you are a DPS who is the emphasis on gear and construction, you are ahead of the pack.


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