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WoW: Mage Tactics


The Master of the way, 70 points off the ice after the law only to the law now, or ice, is very simple opener Ice Lance, Frostbolt - Ice Lance (basic cycle, but to pay attention and triggered Fingers Cream fireball, when trigger Fingers, the first rubbing a Frostbolt, Frostbolt at the issue of the moment, add an ice gun, this effect is basically double storm Frostbolt Ice Lance), buff to 5 layer stack when the basic skills that Frostbolt, trigger buff to timely and reasonable use of (a copy of the output field fire Armor, PVP Frost Armor).

Fast, crit, hit these things have to consult the Master of a study of the prawn was. Master is a fun number, based mainly on crit, hit second, there are several rapid installations.

Leveling period, if it does not like strange words, take the main line of fire, law, precious stones must be done! Fire point Shaguai soon, but to pay attention to recovery, the recovery time for this to depend on your understanding. Probably try to estimate the time how much it costs to kill a strange blue.

To learn the ice when the gun (I forgot how much class the trouble, but certainly not less than 60), it can be washed into Ice Shards, and wait until 70 level sell World Of Warcraft Gold, and the ice continued solo capacity method can be embodied in is perfect. A strange or kill are strong points.

Now this version of WoW for the control of the Master is very silent type, full of a, may WLK It does not figure to go. Master playing one big reason is the Sheep. If you service in Taiwan, then, no one with the words, pre-move in routine, it should be very fun. If you serve in the country, to 70 levels, out of a talented Austrian law, a copy of the output to use, copy the output of ice Act is a bit shabby.


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