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In sell WOW Gold, different types of gem are categorized by color. Different colors of gem provide different abilities when used in socketed items. Any colored gem will fit into any colored socket, but if you match the colors of the gem and socket, a bonus is activated.
  Primary colored gems, such as red, yellow, and blue will only match the socket for their specific color. Secondary colored gems - green, orange, and purple - will match either of the two colored sockets that make up their color. A purple gem would thus be matchable with a red or blue colored socket. Meta gems come with an additional bonus, but have special color requirements for activation, so players may choose to forfeit a socket bonus in order to obtain the meta bonus instead.
  The cut of a gem affects what bonus it gives. Cutting a Blood Garnet into a Teardrop Blood Garnet gives +13 to Healing Spells, whereas creating a Bright Blood Garnet gives +12 to Attack Power. Each color of gem has uncommon and rare forms that can be cut according to different patterns learned from vendors.
  Uncommon patterns can be learned at Jewelcrafting skill level 300 to 325, and rare patterns are learnable at skill level 350. Cuts for meta gems are learnable at a higher skill level than those for regular gems, around skill level 365. They will only fit into meta sockets that are available only on high level items. Some meta gems will also be dropped by bosses or created by alchemists. Boss drop meta slot jewels can't be crafted.

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